About Spelunca

This page is in dire need of an update, but Spelunca is a different kind of search. It's meant to find information you know you want, quickly and easily. We generally don't aim to return every result on the web, but if you know exactly what you want to find, we'll try our best to help you find the information you want. Our original product allowed users to quickly and easily find information about Cities, ZIPcodes®, Area codes, Telephone numbers and other geographically appropriate information for a given input. Go ahead - type in a phone number, and see what comes up. Type a city name and state (Houston, Texas for example) and see what comes up. A telephone (248-555-1212) and you'll see the telephone company, as well as other areas around the area code and exchange. Typing in a 5 digit ZIPcode® (like 12345) will display information about that ZIPcode®, along with the area codes associated with that ZIP Code.

The authors of Spelunca put this information together to be used to find information about people calling you, places you want to go, or for geographical spatial information (like latitude and longitude.) It's up to you to do what you want to with the data - it's all from public sources (Census data, or other databases made public via other sources.)

We welcome any questions, comments or realistic suggestions. Thanks for reading.


Spelunca is made possible by large amounts of data that are made publicly available throughout various means of transport. Most of the data stored by Spelunca was found on the Internet in various forms. Whether commercially available, or government supplied public data, Spelunca's goal is to make this data more accessable to anyone.

Spelunca does or may use data from the following sources:

  • US Census Bureau
  • The North America Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA)
  • Wordnet Dictionary Database
  • Google (Google results show at the bottom of Spelunca results)